Preparing Your Wallet For Blizzard 2015

With weather forecasters issuing warnings to millions of people living in the Northeast Monday and Tuesday of this week, we gathered up five ways to help your wallet during a blizzard to share with anyone who lives in the affected areas.

1. Snowed in? Clean closets and list your stuff on eBay.

2. File your taxes. Get your refund early and pay off high interest debt.

3. Shovel snow for seniors in your neighborhood. Don’t price gouge. Asking $10 – $20 is reasonable.

4. Make a plan to finally pay off your credit card debt in 2015. Call InCharge for help. We’re based in Orlando, Florida and we’ll be open through the blizzard. (Phone: 1.877.251.1887 or Online: Website)

5. While you wait for the snow to melt, take one item in your budget and comparison shop online. see how much you can save each month on your cell phone, cable bill, or car insurance.

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