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How I became a credit counselor
30 Jun
How I Became a Credit Counselor

Anouska Livingston was pregnant, unemployed, in debt and stressed out. The last thing she needed was to go in a store and see what diapers…

Get out of debt and become debt free
12 May
How To Become Debt Free
Here’s the easiest quiz you’ll ever take: Would you like to sleep better, have a happy marriage, improve your health, have more confidence and be...
6 months zero percent interest
17 Mar
The Truth About Zero Interest Credit

You’ve seen the signs at retailers: No interest for six months, 1 year or longer. Typically zero interest credit opportunities are tied to the purchase…

22 Feb
How To Spend Your Tax Refund
It’s tax time. And for most us, this is the only time of year we get a windfall bigger than credit card rewards or grandma’s...
Paris Love
02 Dec
Summer Travel: International

If wanderlust is your middle name, follow these tips for seeing the world on a shoestring budget. Know the exchange rate of the country you’re…