Military Money

Military service members and veterans face special financial challenges related to deployment, relocation, VA Loans and GI bill benefits. Military Money is a service of the InCharge Education Foundation, a financial literacy nonprofit organization.

Debt Help For Servicemembers

Help With Your Military Money Issues

Military Debt Consolidation and Other Debt Relief Programs

Find out what debt relief programs can help you get out of debt and stay that way. Learn how InCharge Debt Solutions makes military debt relief a top priority.

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Bad Credit & Your Security Clearance

Bad credit is the number one reason why service members lose their security clearance. Learn if your security clearance is at risk because of bad credit and what steps to take to improve it.

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Preparing For PCS

Moving is a way of life in the military. Learn how to prepare for frequent moves, how to assess a base or city, whether you should live on or off base and how to manage the actual move.

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