Understanding Debt

Debt is complicated. There are many options when it comes to debt relief, and the one that is best for you may be based on who you are and where you are on life's journey. The kind of debt you are dealing with, whether that be credit card debt, student loan debt, or mortgage debt, may also impact what kind of help you seek.

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Credit Card Debt

When to use credit vs. debit, how to manage your credit card debt and how to organize your credit card statements.


Here you’ll learn how to reduce your student loan payments by choosing from debt relief repayment plans like Income Based Repayment. Also, check out our guide to student loans, understand how much you should reasonably borrow and how to predict your future student loan payment.


Resources for parents including how to help your children understand the value of a dollar, how to calculate whether or not you can afford to be a stay-at-home mom, and more.

Military Money

Articles for military service members to help maximize military benefits like the VA Loan and GI Bill benefits. Also, articles to help you deal with (and afford) frequent PCS moves and deployment. This section also has articles for veterans, including how to transition from military to civilian life without going bankrupt.

Auto Loans

Understanding how much car you can afford, predicting monthly car payments based on purchase price, interest rate and repayment term will help empower you to make smart auto purchasing decisions.


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