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Hugh Stoute

“It’s Paid Off” – How I Became Debt Free & Saved for a Vacation

By Robert Shaw | July 22, 2022

Hugh Stoute grew up in Barbados, the beautiful island country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies and plans to vacation there this summer. The circumstances won’t be vacation…

Free Online Finance Literacy Courses

By Bents Dulcio | July 8, 2022

In these modern times – when there literally is an app for everything – it has never been easier to track your money and stay on budget. It’s a snap…

Debt Management Plan Pros and Cons

Debt Management

By George Morris | June 1, 2022

Create Your Debt Management Plan Today What Is a Debt Management Plan? A debt management plan is a carefully constructed payment schedule, set up and managed by a nonprofit credit…

Debt consolidation - hand stacking different coins

Debt Consolidation

By George Morris | June 1, 2022

What Is Debt Consolidation? Debt consolidation combines multiple debts into a single payment with a more favorable interest rate and more affordable monthly payment. There are several types of debt consolidation…

Deb Settlement Header Featured

What Is Debt Settlement?

By George Morris | June 1, 2022

How Debt Settlement Works Private debt settlement companies are for-profit entities that charge a fee of 15%-25% of the debt the company is originally asked to settle, or the lower…

Bankruptcy Header Featured

Understanding Bankruptcy

By Devin Joy | June 1, 2022

“I need a second chance!” That is bankruptcy in a nutshell. For whatever reason, your finances have gone sour, you’re drowning in debt, you’re sure you learned your lesson, so…


By Devin Joy | June 1, 2022


By Devin Joy | April 5, 2022

The Kristi Adams Story Changing lives is our mission at InCharge, and the lives of people like Kristi is what our mission is all about at InCharge. Every one of…

Eviction Help

By Devin Joy | March 29, 2022
Homeowner struggling to pay mortgage bill

What Happens When You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage?

By Michael Knisley | March 11, 2022

Times can get tough. No doubt about it. Maybe a job loss slashes your income. Maybe a must-pay medical expense crops up. Could be an investment tanks. The problem can…