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InCharge’s Rising Stars

Marline Davis-Iwuji Headshot

InCharge Peers Celebrate Marline Davis-Iwuji

It is not an exaggeration to say that InCharge co-workers are FOND of Marline Davis-Iwuji. FOND is the ...
Teri Logan Headshot

Army & InCharge Veteran Wants You to Budget

A 2023 nationwide survey said that 73% of Americans don’t have a budget they regularly follow. Teri Logan, ...
Carolyn Green Headshot

InCharge Celebrates Carolyn Green: Most Tenured Credit Counselor

If you bump into Carolyn Green at a company function, don’t ask her what she does at InCharge ...
Edwidge Bissainthe Headshot

Congratulations Edwidge Bissainthe: Senior Accountant

Back when everyone worked from the office, for most InCharge employees, there was one face everyone could name ...
Myrian Naccaratto

Mirian Naccaratto: Putting the Human Touch into Human Resources

It’s funny how sometimes people pick a career … and sometimes a career picks the person. Mirian Naccaratto ...
Loretta Rooney

Introducing InCharge’s new President and CEO: Loretta Roney – a Force for Good

After a nationwide search, there’s a new CEO in town, and her name is Loretta Roney. She brings ...
Seiji Headshot social

Meet Seiji Shiraishi –Treasurer and Director of Finance & Accounting

When Seiji Shiraishi was 39, he was running the financial operations of a small risk management firm which ...