Mirian Naccaratto: Putting the Human Touch into Human Resources

It’s funny how sometimes people pick a career … and sometimes a career picks the person.

Mirian Naccaratto was the latter.

While studying journalism, Mirian took a job as a telemarketer. A few weeks later, the boss promoted her to supervisor. Shortly after that, she moved up to employee trainer and a few months later, she was doing the interviewing and hiring for the company.

She didn’t know it, but she had just worked through nearly every responsibility in human resources, while still in college. She switched from journalism to studying Global Business Management with a minor in Human Resources. For the past 20 years, she’s invested her time and energy into building up companies through the people who work there.  Most recently, Mirian was promoted to Director of Human Resources at InCharge.

“Honestly, I absolutely love HR,” Naccaratto said. “I love helping employees reach a goal or create a goal for them to achieve. I want to make them feel at ease when they’re at work, welcome them when they come in and integrate them into the culture.”

Naccaratto and new CEO Loretta Roney are teaming management and employees in committees to address employee development, engagement, and volunteering. There is even a committee to work on the return of a long-time favorite – the company picnic!

“I think bringing people together and seeing who their family is, how many kids they have and enjoying food and drink creates relationships that last,” Naccaratto said. “Once you build that, it’s very hard to break.”

Naccaratto sees another area where she would like to make change. “HR gets a bad rep,” she said. “It’s like being sent to the principal’s office. We’re going to change that.”

How so?

“We are creating developing strategies to create positive interactions on a daily basis with all of our employees,” she said. “The number one thing we can do is be there when an employee needs help. Employees will find very empathetic leadership from me.

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