We Did It: Credit Counseling Success Stories and Reviews

We’re tremendously proud of our clients, many of whom have overcome tremendous odds to pay off their credit card debt. Below are a few success stories to inspire you. They show the light at the end of the tunnel and that debt counseling is the first step to becoming debt free.

We hope to add your story someday.

Debt Free After 40 Years of Credit Card Debt: How Rita Robyn Paid Off $74,000 in Less Than 5 Years

Rita Robyn reviews the InCharge Debt Management Program and explains how she paid off $74,000 in credit card debt (27 credit cards) in less than 5 years. And that’s after paying only the minimum payments for 40 years. See how Rita’s motivation and InCharge’s lower interest rates helped Rita find a new life, free from credit card debt payments.

How Ron Hart Paid of $29,000 in Credit Card Debt

The average American family with credit card debt owes $15,191, which made Ron Hart an above-average American. He became debt free in September of 2014 – when he made his final payment on $29,000 of credit card debt.

Family Conquers the Debt Management Program

Four maxed-out credit cards, auto and mortgage debt plagued the Geller Family, but when a ‘no money down for 2 years’ furniture purchase came due, they knew they were over their heads. Find out how they used the debt management program to regain their financial independence.

How I Paid Off $18,000 in Credit Card Debt

How Don Cobler triumphed over credit card debt and divorce, paying off over $18,000 by lowering his interest rate with an InCharge debt management program.