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Wooden little men holding hands on wooden boards backgroundInCharge Debt Solutions partners with organizations, companies, law firms, employers and educational institutions where such a partnership can aid our clients (by bringing to their attention valuable products or services) or help in enhancing the financial literacy of their employees, students or clients.  InCharge Debt Solutions provides partners with a wealth of inspiring and informative materials through newsletter communications, co-branded websites, printed worksheets, and podcasts.

School and University Education Partnerships

From elementary schools to college campuses, InCharge Debt Solutions is passionate about offering financial literacy education to the next generation. We offer workshops and online courses to teach students the money management skills required for success in the 21st Century.

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Bank and Credit Union Partnerships

InCharge is a leading nonprofit credit counseling agency and partners with many banks and creditors who refer their clients to InCharge.

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Housing Partnerships

As a HUD-approved agency, we offer homebuyer education and foreclosure prevention counseling in the state of Florida. Our Certified Housing Counselors help prevent foreclosure or educate potential homebuyers.  We have worked closely with property developers, builders and banks to prepare a new generation of informed, responsible homeowners.

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Bankruptcy Attorney Partnerships

InCharge provides the Pre-Filing Credit Counseling and Pre-Discharge Education courses required by the Code.  InCharge partners with bankruptcy law practices to bring this important counseling and education to their clients.  Find out how our Attorney Management System can save you time and money.

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Employer Partnerships

InCharge will partner with employers to provide our certified financial and housing counseling services to employees.
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