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We believe that education is essential to promoting financial fitness.  We help kids learn the importance of saving, warn teens about the dangers of over-borrowing for college, and teach how a healthy credit score can help secure favorable interest rates and insurance premiums.

Our financial literacy curriculum is highly relevant to today’s students, from studying the pros and cons (and hidden costs) of cell phone plans to putting together a savings strategy for college.

If you are a school, university or other institution that provides education, contact us to see how we can customize a program for your students.

Financial Literacy Workshops for Schools and Universities

  • Teach Money: targeting future teachers currently enrolled in a college of education
  • Learn Money: Targets middle school children, enrolled in the AVID program. Topics include: your first job, your first bank account, saving for college.
  • Student Loan Workshops: For parents and students approaching college graduation.
  • Understanding Credit and Debt: For high school and college students

We are an approved Partner in Education with Orange County Public Schools.


Let’s Partner Today

Shawn Walsh

Vice President of Business Development and Relationships

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Phone: (407) 532-5894