InCharge Peers Celebrate Marline Davis-Iwuji

It is not an exaggeration to say that InCharge co-workers are FOND of Marline Davis-Iwuji.

FOND is the employee peer-to-peer recognition program at InCharge Debt Solutions and Marline is the number one most recognized employee in the company.

Here is a small sample of what they had to say:

“Thanks for your willingness to “ALWAYS” help. Offer to help me right away when I need it to create a new account for the client to save the client time. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!”

“I wanted to thank you for stepping up and covering my Team during my absence. I know that you have your own daily tasks and the fact that you took on my Team as well means a lot to me. You did an amazing Job!”

“Please join me in congratulating Marline on the amazing impression she left on this client. The client commended her for her attention to detail and great coaching and advice she provided him. Marline, you make us all proud!”

Marline has been at InCharge for 23 years and is just as fond of her job and co-workers as they are of her.

“I love what we do at InCharge,” she said. “We’re a very honest company trying to help people. When they call in, there is so much stress going on in their lives and we help them get through that and find solutions for their problems. I love that!”

Marline has been on the phone all her working life. She started as a telemarketer selling windows and vinyl siding for a department store. Four years of that was four years, too many.

“I’d go home with headache every night,” she said. “We had a quota we had to meet every day and people would slam the phone down on me a thousand times or scream at me not to call them and I’d be worried about making my quota. It was terrible.”

When she came to InCharge, “the change was night and day,” she said.

“First of all, InCharge is a family-oriented company, and you could feel that right away. Second, people were calling me to get advice and solutions. They are grateful for the time I spend with them on the phone, so yeah, night-and-day difference.”

And what is the most frequent advice she passes along?

“Start an emergency fund, even if it’s only $25 a month,” she said. “They tell us they don’t have any money to put there, but when we go over their budget, we call their attention to things like cutting back on cigarettes or stop eating out or use coupons at the grocery store … just things they didn’t realize would make a difference and they really appreciate the suggestions.”

Through the FOND program, employees can redeem recognition points for gift cards. Marline shares the spoils of her rewards with her husband Jephter.

“I’m grateful for all the things I’ve gotten with the FOND program,” Marline said. “It helps keep my hands out of my emergency fund.”

Marline is proud to share that in addition to being the most recognized employee by her peers, she’s also been promoted to a Team Lead.

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