Congratulations Edwidge Bissainthe: Senior Accountant

Back when everyone worked from the office, for most InCharge employees, there was one face everyone could name if someone asked “Who’s that girl that’s always smiling?”

That would be Edwidge Bissainthe – better known as Eddie – who has displayed a friendly face and radiant smile at InCharge for the last 22 years. It didn’t matter when or where you saw her – hallway, lunch room, or her permanent seat in the accounting department – Eddie’s beaming face would brighten your day.

And she’s really got a glow going since being promoted to Senior Accountant.

“It feels really good to get recognized for your work,” Eddie said. “I was a little surprised, but Seiji (Shiraishi, Director of Finance Accounting) said he liked my attitude, liked the fact I was willing to go all in on resolving issues and making suggestions, so he gave me the promotion.”

Eddie started at InCharge in 2001 as a client service representative, moved to the research department a year later, and then on to customer support. She moved over to accounting when one of the employees took a maternity leave and has been crunching numbers ever since.

Along the way, she earned a business degree from Florida Metropolitan University and bachelor’s degree in accounting from Strayer University. That meant going to work all day, going to school all night, and trying to catch up on anything else over the weekend.

“I knew I had a lot to learn about accounting so going to school and getting the degree was really the only way I was going to make a career out of this,” she said. “That fact that math was always my go-to subject made it easier. I love numbers and working with them always makes sense to me.”

She and her co-worker in accounting, Haydee Rosado, have been partners for 20 years. A few possibilities have come along to take her talent elsewhere, but Eddie likes it right where she is.

“It’s never dawned on me to do anything else,” she said. “I have some hobbies – reading, baking, gardening, I taught myself to knit – but nothing I can make a career out of.

“I just love what I’m doing and the people I’m working with. That’s probably why I’m always smiling.”



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