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Happy Family With Money

On Our Way to Debt Free: How InCharge is Helping our Family

By Tom Jackson | October 13, 2023

Rebecca Brady didn’t do anything extravagant to get into debt. It was just everyday life. “It was just our own stupidity, really,” Rebecca said. “It’s not like we were out…

Hugh Stoute

“It’s Paid Off” – How I Became Debt Free & Saved for a Vacation

By Robert Shaw | July 22, 2022

Hugh Stoute grew up in Barbados, the beautiful island country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies and plans to vacation there this summer. The circumstances won’t be vacation…

How I Raised My Credit Score 200 Points in a Year

By Joey Johnston | June 25, 2021

When Jeromy Arroyo was growing up, there was a subject “that was pretty much off limits at home and school,” he said. That subject was personal finances. To be a…

Graphic of man cutting through debt

How Mike Bell Paid Off $18,000 in Credit Card Debt

By Joey Johnston | August 29, 2019

Mike Bell has been through some battles in his life – literally and figuratively –and he just won one that’s a story worth telling. Bell paid off the last of…

Tina Bright and family

How Tina and Eddie Paid Off $24,000 in Credit Card Debt

By Joey Johnston | March 22, 2019

Everyone knows that debt is an unacceptable subject in polite circles, especially if you’re the one not paying the bills. “Debt is definitely a taboo topic,” Tina Bright said. “Nobody…

Michele Allen standing in client home working to pays off her debt

How Michele Conquered $7,000 in Credit Card Debt

By Joey Johnston | February 28, 2019

Imagine the commotion in a household with five children ages four through 23, run by a single parent who is working three jobs to try and make ends meet. Now…

Military Matt with family who used InCharge services to help payoff their debt

How Matt Paid off $23,000 in Credit Card Debt

By George Morris | January 21, 2019

Matt Holladay knew he was in trouble four years ago when he sat down at his computer and Googled the word “bankruptcy.” Holladay and his wife Denae had $23,000 in…

Success Story Mountain of Debt

Credit Counseling Success Stories and Reviews

By George Morris | January 21, 2019

We’re tremendously proud of our clients, many of whom have overcome tremendous odds to pay off their credit card debt. Below are a few success stories to inspire you. They show…

Hospital Emergency Room Door

From Medical Emergency to Debt Free: How I Paid Off My Debt

By Joey Johnston | March 8, 2018

Ryan Nokes was a teenager when his parents gave him his first credit card with this very stern warning: “This for emergency, emergency use only! Don’t use it, unless you…

How I Pay off $32,000

Leave Your Credit Cards at Home: How I Paid Off $32,000

By George Morris | December 7, 2017

The first week in December Diane Johnson was telling the story about how she got out from under nearly $32,000 in credit card debt and you could tell by the…