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Military man holding out money in front of flag

How To Manage Debt For Active Duty Military, Veterans, & Their Families

By Tom Jackson | February 20, 2020

Joining the military means sacrifice. It shouldn’t mean you give up financial security and end up in debt. Unfortunately, service personnel often struggle more than civilians with paying bills. A…

Create a Special Valentine’s Day on a Budget

By Joey Johnston | February 11, 2020

Love makes people do foolish things. Nothing is more foolish than going into debt for Valentine’s Day. We’re not anti-love. We just want you to celebrate Valentine’s Day without losing…

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry riding in a royal carriage

Royals Meg & Harry Seek the Thrill of Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

By Tom Jackson | January 29, 2020

Did you hear? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided they want to be like you. They want to find jobs, start paying bills, put their kid through college…

Piggy bank sleeping

Dormant Bank Accounts & Escheated Funds

By Tom Jackson | January 2, 2020

There’s an estimated $80 billion in unclaimed money out there waiting to find a home and it’s probably worth the time and aggravation to see if any of it belongs…

Sign that reads "New Year's Resolution Debt Free!" surrounded by fireworks

New Year’s Resolution: How to Get Out of Debt in 2020

By Tom Jackson | December 26, 2019

Surveys show most Americans will make a resolution to get out of debt in 2020. Surveys also show most Americans will fail miserably. If you want to get out of…

Financial Monthly Calendar

Your Personal Finance Calendar for 2022

By Joey Johnston | December 10, 2019

Resolved: 2022 is the year you’ll get financially organized, day by day. You know the drill this time of year. In the coming weeks, lots of print and even more…

Christmas presents sitting under a Christmas tree

Tips for Avoiding Debt This Christmas

By Tom Jackson | November 25, 2019

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – if you’re a credit card company. Billions of dollars are being charged, and those bills could haunt consumers all year…

Chart of stocks and mutual funds

How to Decide Between Stocks and Mutual Funds

By Tom Jackson | November 13, 2019

Trading stocks has never been cheaper. Most brokerages no longer charge the hefty sales commissions once tacked on to online trades and many have erased maintenance fees on retirement accounts.…

Table set for Thanksgiving Day dinner

Debt Was Part of Thanksgiving the Day the Pilgrims Arrived

By Tom Jackson | November 1, 2019

Everybody is familiar with Thanksgiving traditions like eating turkey, watching football and trying to avoid annoying relatives at the dinner table. But there’s one tradition millions of American don’t realize…

Credit score monitor increasing

Can My Credit Score Go Up 100 Points in a Month?

By Joey Johnston | October 3, 2019

What’s in a number? If it’s your credit score, a lot, especially if you keep it a high level – anything over 750 – and reap the numerous rewards available…


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