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Debt After Divorce

How Long Will I Be Punished For My Ex’s Poor Payment History?

By George Morris | November 12, 2015

Dear Liz: How long must I be punished for my ex’s poor payment history? In our divorce he agreed to pay the credit cards and other bills. He defaulted and…

Family in car driving to vacation

Summer Travel On A Budget Ideas

By George Morris | November 11, 2015

Be realistic about what you can afford. Hey, we all want an amazing, no-holds-barred vacation, but choosing a trip you can’t afford will likely add more stress to your life. After…

What you need to know about bad credit

Can I Consolidate My Debt If I Have Bad Credit?

By George Morris | November 11, 2015

There is a lot of confusion out there about debt consolidation, so I’m going to break it down. Sharon has a Target card ($3500 balance), a Walmart card ($900), a…

Mini shopping cart filled with school supplies

Save Money On School Folders & Binders

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

Back-to-school shopping is expensive. Save money this new school year by reusing up your old plastic folders, dividers, and binders. Reusing what you already have will help save you big bucks…

Illustration of man kicking away debt ticking time bomb

How We Paid Off $123,000

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

Paying off close to $123,000 of debt in less than five years is a great accomplishment.  Remaining debt free for five more years is arguably even more amazing, but that’s…

Illustration of person writing on document with money, coffee, smartphone, wallet, and calculator on desk

How to Raise Your Credit Score: Top 5 Tips

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

Poor credit could be costing you thousands of dollars a year. If you’ve suffered from a ‘so-so’ or even poor credit score for most of your life, make a commitment…

Facebook thumbs up like icon on white background

Can A Debt Collector Friend Request You On Facebook?

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

Facebook and Instagram are for posting selfies and making all of your high school friends jealous of your fab life. It’s most definitely not for helping debt collectors find you…

File Taxes

File Your Tax Return Even If You Can’t Pay

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

I often joke that I pay my taxes because I don’t want the Internal Revenue Service to take my home. But for many people that fear is still not enough…

Woman shopping at thrift store, looking at handbag

How To Save Money At Military Thrift Shops

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

Eleanor Davis can spot military spouses a mile away. They come in droves, looking for something to spruce up their quarters or for something pretty to wear to the Air…

Sleek smartphone laying on blue/black background

Telephone Tips For Military Families

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

If you or a family member serves in the military, you know how expensive the monthly phone bill can be. This is especially true for the friends and family of…