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Swinging a hammer isn’t the only way to help Habitat for Humanity’s home recipients achieve their dreams of homeownership. That’s why we teach a 7-week financial literacy course to all Orlando Habitat for Humanity home recipients. Learning how to budget, save an emergency fund, and plan for home repairs are just a few of the many topics covered in our free financial literacy workshops.

Financial Literacy Workshop Topics

Our financial literacy curriculum is specially designed to meet the needs of a Habitat homebuyer. Materials are culturally sensitive to the diverse Habitat for Humanity community and tackle the following topics:

  • Welcome to financial literacy
  • Designing your spending plan
  • Budgeting and organizing your finances
  • Attitudes about money
  • Developing a savings strategy
  • Understanding credit and debt
  • Understanding insurance
  • Saving for retirement
  • Understanding financial pitfalls
  • Saving for your home

These classes are not open to the general public, they are hand selected by Habitat for Humanity through an application process.

We’re proud to be working with Habitat for Humanity for more than ten years – an organization that shares our mission and values while improving the community where we live and work.

Apply Here for a Habitat Home

Download Our Financial Literacy Materials

InCharge is proud to make its Habitat for Humanity Financial Literacy materials available, free of charge, to individuals and workshop leaders looking to serve a similar population. InCharge’s Habitat materials are designed to maximize engagement with workshop participants by stimulating discussion and providing key financial literacy concepts in a non-intimidating and easy-to-understand style. Scenarios and photos reflect the cultural diversity of the Habitat homebuyer and education reflects the challenges faced by lower income consumers.


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