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At InCharge, we rely on financial literacy data to inform and improve on our processes, educational materials and grant programs. Please find below links to recent surveys and studies by leaders in the financial education community.

Student Loan and Credit Card Debt Statistics From The NFCS

Data on average credit card debt, student loan debt, cash advances, over-the-limit fees and mobile payments from FINRA’s NFCS.

American Budgeting and Saving Behavior

Data on budgeting and saving behavior including savings rates, unpaid bills, low to no emergency funds and difficulty making ends meet from FINRA’s NFCS.

Financial Literacy Education Statistics from FINRA’s NFCS

Data on Americans’ perceptions of financial literacy knowledge clashes with the reality of their behavior. Financial education trends from FINRA’s NFCS.

Does Credit Counseling Work?

Findings from the OSU-NFCC Sharpen Your Financial Focus Initiative Impact Evaluation including research questions and executive summary results.

How Much Are Americans Saving for College, Retirement and Emergencies?

Find out how much Americans are saving for future expenses, including college, retirement and emergencies. 2015-2016 data reported.

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