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InCharge Debt Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit credit counseling organization. We offer confidential and professional credit counselingdebt management servicesbankruptcy educationhousing counseling and educational initiatives.

We value personal financial education and work with local and national partners to provide resources to those who need it most.

If you are interested in personal finance workshops for your students, staff or clients, we welcome the opportunity to further our mission. Our curriculum focuses on the following themes:

  • How To Budget
  • How To Save An Emergency Fund
  • How To Pay Down Debt
  • How To Set Financial Goals
  • How To Improve Your Credit Report And Score

Our mission is to help consumers achieve financial balance and move closer to their dreams. Please contact Shawn Walsh for more information at [email protected].

3 Free Financial Literacy Webinars or In-Person Workshop Materials

These free Financial Literacy webinars were funded by Capital One and include all the materials you need for an interactive 1-hour webinar, via Zoom or any other online meeting software. These are ideal for college students and adults and focus on goal setting and committing to simple steps to moving toward better financial health. This curriculum is 100% free to use, download and print.

Savings Success Workshop

Get started with saving by identifying a savings goal, tying it to meaningful life improvement, coming up with strategies to achieve that goal, and identifying ways to combat obstacles.


Navigating Debt

Navigating debt focuses on concrete ways workshop participants can reduce their debt through setting a goal, identifying expenses to cut, and making regular payments.

Credit Journey

Credit scores hold people back from affordable loans and achieving the American Dream of homeownership. Credit Journey helps to demystify how credit scores are calculated and asks participants to develop an action-oriented plan to improve credit.

Homebuyer Education Workshops and Webinars

InCharge Debt Solutions has been approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide pre and post-purchase housing counselingforeclosure prevention and homebuyer education.

This HUD-approved course includes instruction in the financial and practical aspects of buying and maintaining a home.  The consumer will learn about:

  • Credit Requirements for obtaining a home
  • Creating a budget and savings strategy
  • Debt-to-Income Ratios and how they impact your mortgage readiness
  • Availability of mortgage loan and down payment assistance programs in the community

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Financial Literacy Workshops for Habitat for Humanity

InCharge provides a free 7-week workshop to all Orlando Habitat homeowners, before they take ownership of their homes. These workshop emphasize budgeting, saving and planning for common homeownership expenses. Habitat workshops are not open to the public, but the Habitat financial literacy workbooks can be downloaded and used by financial literacy educators, free of charge. These materials are designed for low-literacy learners.

Credit Counseling and Financial Literacy Workshops

We believe that education is essential to promoting financial fitness, we provide workshops to many organizations including, schools, employers, military members, banks, and credit unions.  During our workshops we discuss:

  • Credit and Debt
  • Designing a Spending Plan
  • Understanding and improving your credit score
  • Develop a Savings Strategy
  • Attitudes About Money
  • Importance of building your 401k plan
  • Review your financial situation to provide you with options

Below is a partial listing of organizations where we perform financial literacy workshops.

  • A Gift For Teaching
  • Junior Achievement of Central Florida
  • Second Food Harvest
  • Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida
  • American Red Cross
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Goodwill
  • Middle School AVID Programs

Financial Literacy Workshops For Teachers

The Teach Money financial literacy workshops are designed to help teachers learn financial literacy concepts for themselves and how to incorporate these concepts into their teaching.

InCharge provides Teach Money workshops to colleges throughout Central Florida, including the University of Central Florida and East Florida State College. Teach Money workshops have also been delivered at national financial literacy conferences for educators including the Jump$tart National Educator Conference and the Annual Conference on Financial Education.

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