Habitat Workshop Workbooks

Forget spreadsheets and black and white budgets. This is the new financial literacy: story-driven and visual.

We hope you enjoy this 7-part workbook series we designed for the students of Orlando’s Habitat for Humanity. Please use them and let us know how they work for you. You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDFs Download Adobe Reader

Free Financial Literacy Workbook Series

1: Introduction to Financial Literacy Workbook

Money is personal and private. In a workshop setting, it can be hard to get people to start talking. That is the goal of this introductory workbook, where participants are asked to ‘break the ice’ with fellow learners and set financial goals.

2: Budgeting & Organizing Your Finances Workbook

Our favorite – this is the where the heart of financial stability lies: the budget. Traditional budgets can be daunting, but this one is easy as pie.

And as long as we’re thinking about pie, check out the frugal pie recipe at the end of this workbook.

3: Financial Pitfalls & Attitudes About Money

Take a money attitudes survey and find out your money personality. Are you frugal, a status-seaker, pleasure-oriented or seeking power through money? This workbook probes participants about what motivates them (or doesn’t) money-wise, and offers advice on how to develop a positive money attitude

4: Understanding Insurance Workbook

This module demystifies insurance and encourages students to get educated on coverage tiers, be pro-active about comparison shopping and think twice before picking up extended warranties.

5: Savings Strategy Workbook

Savings is where the rubber meets the road. In this module, we challenge our students to be bold and get ahead by setting savings goals, opening a no-fee savings account and achieve a minimum of one month of reserves (to start).

6: Understanding Credit & Debt Workbook

This module students will learn about secure and unsecured debt, the 5 C’s of Credit, your credit score and much more

7: Saving for the Future Workbook

If you have debt and pay interest on it, saving money in a retirement account is probably not going to help you over the long term