Save Money On School Folders & Binders

Back-to-school shopping is expensive. Save money this new school year by reusing up your old plastic folders, dividers, and binders.

Reusing what you already have will help save you big bucks this year. Plus it’s the perfect opportunity help kickoff the new school year on a fresh – more stylish start. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Wrap It Up

Wrap the entire cover of the binder in paper or cloth. The traditional book/binder cover is a paper grocery bag, but you can use any type of paper you like. How about gift wrap with a cool design? You could even use a piece of fabric like denim.

Make a Collage

Use pictures of your friends, family, pets, or cut out images of your favorite celebrities from magazines. More into fashion than your French class?  Cut out outfit inspirations from the September Vogue to make your binder très chic.

Color It In

If you covered your binder in paper or fabric, you can further decorate it by drawing or painting on it.

Get Creative and Go Crazy

There are a countless number of ways to decorate your binder. Here are some fun, not-so-typical ideas!

◦   Gently peel the foil off of gum wrappers and stick them to your binder. Rub them with a coin or the front of your fingernail to smooth them out and make them stick. Voila—a metallic binder.

◦   Use different colors of duct tape to make patterns like stripes or checkerboard.

◦   Type your favorite quotes, song lyrics or poems on the computer and change the fonts. Print them out and affix them to your binder.

◦   Write your name in a bunch of different styles (or use computer fonts). Everyone will definitely know the binder belongs to you.

◦   Glue on rhinestones or sequins for a binder that sparkles.

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