Be prepared for disaster

Make Sure Your Family Has a Disaster Plan

By Joey Johnston | August 29, 2019

June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season. Meanwhile, across much of the Western U.S., major droughts have greatly increased the danger for summer wildfires. And don’t forget last winter’s…

Sandwich generation infographic

How the “Sandwich Generation” Manages Raising Kids While Caring for Elderly Parents

By George Morris | May 13, 2019

American culture has created names for various age groups based on when they were born. Baby Boomers. Millennials. Generations X and Y. But another demographic has emerged based on what’s…

Debt Problem in Marriages

Debt a Big Problem for Marriages

By Joey Johnston | June 29, 2018

What are the most devastating words spoken in a marriage? (Multiple choice): A) “I’m seeing someone else.” B) “I totaled the car.” C) “I just put $36,000 on our Visa…

Photo of wedding rings on top of small stack of 100 dollar bills

How to Talk about Money Before Marriage

By George Morris | June 12, 2018

So, things are going great in your romantic life. Your partner is awesome. Sunshine and rainbows are everywhere. Here, finally, is the one you cannot live without, who also cannot…

Record High Debt

Household Debt Approaches Record High

By George Morris | April 12, 2017

America loves a good comeback story, like Robert Downey Jr. overcoming all sorts of addictions to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars or Martha Stewart emerging from jail to become…

Child Care Savings

How to Save Money on Childcare Costs

By Joey Johnston | November 30, 2016

Sara Greenwood works at a bank. Her husband travels frequently for his job. Their parents live in different states. The couple has two boys, ages 2 and 4. So how…

Two people co-signing a loan while lender gives them information

What You Should Know Before Co-Signing A Loan

By George Morris | August 31, 2016

You love your kids, right? So what do you do when Junior unveils a financial plan at dinner that nearly makes you gag on your pork chop? Junior, who graduates…

Cash Out Refinance for Divorce Couple

Is a cash out refinance advisable for soon to be divorced couples?

By George Morris | November 10, 2015

Dear Liz: My soon-to-be ex wants to refinance our mortgage to pay for renovations so we can sell it for more money. He also wants to take out some cash…

Family gathered around father while revising last will

Is it better for parents to bequeath a home instead of gifting it?

By George Morris | November 10, 2015

Dear Liz: You recently answered a question about capital gains taxes that stemmed from two siblings selling their parents’ home. The children had been added to the parents’ deed, presumably…

After Divorce Credit Card Ring

How To Rebuild Credit After Divorce

By George Morris | November 9, 2015

If you and your soon to be ex-spouse have good credit, you should take the following steps. Close all joint accounts. If your name is still on the account, you…