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Highest Credit Debt Generation X

Generation X Has the Most Credit Card Debt

By Joey Johnston | November 29, 2016

Gen Xers, the most neglected generational group in America, lugs around the most credit card debt. If you’re involved in the struggle, here’s a quick list of excuses: It’s Richard…

Open Enrollment

How to Survive Open Enrollment and Save Money on Health Insurance Premiums

By Joey Johnston | November 10, 2016

As companies approach the “open enrollment” period for employees choosing health insurance, it pays to research benefit options and read the fine print. Logically, that makes sense. Practically? That’s another…

How to get a small Personal Loan

How to Get a Small Personal Loan: Fees, Term and What to Avoid

By Joey Johnston | November 10, 2016

Central air conditioners always die when you need them most. Rebecca discovered that on 100-degree afternoon last July. Without warning, her 20-year-old AC system died. Three hours later, a repairman…

Student Loan Debt Statistics

Student Loan and Credit Card Debt Statistics From The NFCS

By George Morris | August 18, 2016

American consumers are improving at paying off their credit-card balances, but experts say a new array of diverse products have complicated the financial goal-setting process. More consumers, young and old,…

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Credit Card Debt Relief

By George Morris | July 5, 2016

Credit Counseling Certified credit counselors provide free budget and credit counseling that can help you get a handle on your debt. Credit counseling is confidential and will not impact your…

How I became a credit counselor

How I Became a Credit Counselor

By George Morris | June 30, 2016

Anouska Livingston was pregnant, unemployed, in debt and stressed out. The last thing she needed was to go in a store and see what diapers cost. “How am I going…

Who is the NFCC, and what do they do

What Is the NFCC?

By George Morris | May 25, 2016

The NFCC has developed extensive tools and training that allow its member organizations to deliver a high level of financial education and counseling to millions of clients nationwide. “Despite new…

Get out of debt and become debt free

How To Become Debt Free

By George Morris | May 12, 2016

Here’s the easiest quiz you’ll ever take: Would you like to sleep better, have a happy marriage, improve your health, have more confidence and be able to help your family…

Moneybags and stacks of coins with graduation cap on top

Student Loan Interest Tax Benefits: Fact vs. Fiction

By George Morris | March 25, 2016

With tax season in full swing, I thought I would address some frequently asked questions about student loan interest tax benefits.  Here are a few facts and misconceptions about the…

Learn how to deal with your student loans after you've graduated

Recent Graduate Student Loan Survival Kit

By George Morris | March 25, 2016

Congratulations! You made it. You graduated from college. Your first student loan payment will be due soon. This guide is designed to help you estimate your future monthly payment, understand…