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Senior citizen couple researching bankruptcy options online

Filing for Bankruptcy as a Senior Citizen

By Phil Sheridan | February 2, 2023

When it comes to senior citizens, bankruptcy protection is the same, but different, as bankruptcy protection for Millennials. Or any other generation, for that matter. It is the same in…

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Understanding Bankruptcy

By Devin Joy | June 1, 2022

We help with debt from thousands of creditors, including these companies:   “I need a second chance!” That is bankruptcy in a nutshell. For whatever reason, your finances have gone…

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Income-Driven Student Loan Debt Relief

By Joey Johnston | December 21, 2021

If you have student loan debt, you have plenty of company. More than 43 million Americans had a total of $1.76 trillion in student loan debt by the end of…

Bankruptcy Debt Help

By George Morris | September 27, 2021

Understand Your Bankruptcy Options Have 10 minutes? Get your bankruptcy questions answered here. Convenience We listen to what’s going on in your life. We learn about your life goals and…

Parking sign that says "NO DEBT PARKING"

Beware of Debt Parking

By Tom Jackson | January 21, 2021

Dealing with debt collectors already is an unpleasant encounter, but some collectors have found a way to sour the experience even more. It’s called debt parking and if you haven’t…

Car Payment Calculator

What You Should Do If You Can’t Afford Your Car Payments

By George Morris | October 15, 2020

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic sent the economy into a tailspin, millions of Americans were 90 days or more behind in their car payments. The coronavirus-inspired shuttering of businesses and…

College graduates throwing their caps in the air

Credit Counseling for College Graduates

By George Morris | June 18, 2020

Things change after college. Your new boss won’t be as lenient as your old professor. Instead of a GPA your new obsession becomes your credit score. Rent may double or…

What Happens During a Credit Counseling Session

What Happens During a Credit Counseling Session?

By Joey Johnston | June 15, 2020

Millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck are familiar with that sinking feeling of being unable to get out of debt and keep up with bills. If you’re one of…

Document that reads "Chapter 7 Means Test"

Bankruptcy Means Testing

By Tom Jackson | May 11, 2020

Society used to harshly judge people who didn’t pay their bills. Robert Morris, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, spent three years in debtor’s prison in Philadelphia—and he was…

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Man's Debt

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By Tom Jackson | May 6, 2020

Getting hopelessly upside-down in our financial lives can happen to the best of us. (Ask the current occupant of the White House.) But when your debts far outweigh your ability…