Why Work With A Certified Credit Counselor?

Why Choose Certified Counselors

A Certified Credit Counselor Helps You Find Debt Relief

When you need debt relief, it’s important that you deal with an organization run by professional, specialized team members who really know their business. That’s why when you call InCharge Debt Solutions, you’re not just connected to a credit counselor. You speak with a certified credit counselor who is trained to answer your questions, explain how our organization works, and provide you with personalized debt relief solutions. Our counselors are certified by the NFCC: National Foundation for Credit Counseling. They’ve received the industry’s best training and education.

Online Credit Counseling vs. Speaking To A Credit Counselor

At InCharge, you have a choice between receiving credit counseling online, where you enter information about your income, assets and debts, or speaking to a certified credit counselor over the phone. The information that you share, the time comittment and advice you receive will be the same.

Our Credit Counselors Are Accredited

All InCharge credit counselors are accredited by the Institute for Financial Literacy, an independent certification provider. It’s a lengthy process, but we feel it’s worth the time and effort as it allows us to ensure our clients the highest level of service possible.

Our Credit Counselors Offer Detailed Budget Counseling

One of the first things our certified credit counselors do is help you create a budget. This way we can customize a unique debt relief solution, by making informed recommendations like starting you on a debt management program, providing you with financial literacy education, or suggesting referral programs tailored to your needs. It’s all done in a confidential, discreet manner – by a credit counselor who respects your situation – so you can get the information and support you need to take back control of your financial life.

Why do we place such importance on training our credit counselors? Because when you’re ready to call, we vow to be ready for you. It’s as simple as that.