Debt Consolidation

Withdraw Money 401k

Should I Close My 401K and Withdraw My Funds?

By Tom Jackson | July 30, 2019

When American consumers take a whack in the wallet – like they did with the coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020 – asking for relief from their 401k account…

Man on a mountain of high interest rates looking at a refinancing flag

Credit Card Refinancing

By George Morris | July 12, 2019

About Credit Card Refinancing Interest rates are never as low as we’d like — or sometimes need them to be – but credit card refinancing is one step consumers can…

Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy on blue background

Choosing Between Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy

By George Morris | July 12, 2019

The average family with credit card debt carries a balance of $8,090 and that could soar in post-pandemic America, as consumers go back to old habits. If you’re one of…

Debt Consolidation vs Debt Management Man Budgeting

Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Management

By George Morris | July 12, 2019

American consumers have rebuilt the nation’s credit card debt to record levels and in the process rekindled the debate about whether debt management or a debt consolidation loan is the…

Debt Consolidation Programs & How They Work

By Tom Jackson | June 24, 2019

Choose Your Debt Amount What Is a Debt Consolidation Program? Debt consolidation combines high-interest credit card bills into a single monthly payment at a reduced interest rate. Paying less interest…

Seesaw symbolizing high debt-to-income ratio

Consolidating Debt and Loans with a High Debt-to-Income Ratio

By Tom Jackson | June 11, 2019

Solutions for High Debt-to-Income Ratio Debt Debt consolidation is combining multiple bills into one large debt that is paid off with a loan or debt-relief program that has more favorable…

Debt consolidation - hand stacking different coins

Debt Consolidation

By Tom Jackson | June 11, 2019

Choose Your Debt Amount What Is Debt Consolidation? Debt consolidation combines multiple debts into a single payment with a more favorable interest rate and more affordable monthly payment. There are…

Business man pulling the weight of debt

Should You Consolidate Business Debts?

By Joey Johnston | June 10, 2019

Business loans are terrific for turning expansion dreams into reality or paying expenses in a lull, but they can also become a drag if they’re hard to repay or carry…

Debt Consolidation vs Debt Settlement on blue and red background

Should You Choose Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement?

By George Morris | May 31, 2019

If your debt has reached a crisis point where you you’re paying what you can afford to pay, but not making progress reducing the debt, you’re right to be concerned.…

Student loan consolidation reminder on sticky note

How to Consolidate & Refinance Student Loans

By Joey Johnston | May 30, 2019

If you are a recent college graduate, chances are you’re still struggling to wrap your head around the student loan crisis sweeping America. Here’s the gist of it: Student loan…