Board of Trustees at InCharge Education Foundation

Incharge Education Foundation Board of Trustees

Richard Anderson, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Anderson has extensive experience working with Congress, federal agencies, the executive branch, and numerous state legislatures. For many years he has been an instrumental leader in positively affecting national and state legislation, and is a respected advocate on energy, environmental, and tax issues. Dr. Anderson served as Director of Government Affairs for a major environmental company from 1987 to 1998. Previous to that he was an assistant professor at Boston University, where he created graduate degree programs, taught graduate classes in planning, computer applications, and environmental health. He is the author of 22 published articles and co-author of 2 textbooks, and he has contributed chapters in 3 books.

Dr. Anderson earned his Ph.D. and master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Rutgers University, and received dual bachelor’s degrees in English and Urban Studies from Livingston College.