What are the Debt Management Program Fees?

What Are The Debt Management Program Fees?

InCharge offers budget and credit counseling with a Certified Financial Counselor free of charge. During your online or telephone session, we’ll identify the root cause of your debt, review your income and expenses, and make a debt relief recommendation to get you started with a debt management plan.

If you qualify, one recommendation may be to join the InCharge Debt Management Plan. This plan consolidates your payments into one easy monthly payment.

Debt Management Program Fees

If you decide to participate in our debt management program, there is an average set-up fee of $50, and an average monthly fee of $32, not to exceed $75 and $60, respectively.

Your monthly fee may be less than the standard fee, depending on your financial situation. InCharge credit counselors may reduce or eliminate these fees depending on your ability to pay.

Why Do You Charge a Fee?

InCharge Debt Solutions is a non-profit organization, serving more than 100,000 people each year with free financial counseling. Your monthly fee not only pays to defray the cost of counseling and maintenance on your account, but supports our financial education outreach to military, veterans, children, college students and low-income single parents.