What Happens After Joining the DMP?

What Happens After I Enroll In The Debt Management Program

After speaking with a credit counselor and enrolling in a non profit debt management program, you will start to receive program benefits. We recommend you retain your counseling budget and work on reducing your monthly expenses so that your consolidated monthly payment will be easy to make.

When will creditors start lowering interest rates, dropping late fees, etc.?

Most creditors will start granting these benefits once they’ve accepted your DMP proposal. Some, however, may hold back these benefits until you’ve made your first three payments on time. That’s why it’s important to carefully review your monthly creditor statements. When these benefits are granted, you’ll see them on your statement. You should also check each month to make sure that you are receiving credit for all payments made through InCharge.

My name is on the DMP account. Is it okay if someone else makes the payments?

If payments on your debt management program will be made from a bank account other than your own, we must first receive an authorization letter from the bank account holder. The letter can be addressed to InCharge Debt Solutions and should reference your DMP account number, indicating the name of the person who will be submitting payments on your behalf. Also, you must be sure to include your complete name and InCharge DMP account number on the check to ensure it is posted to your InCharge account with no problems.

Can I pay more than my monthly payments?

Yes. You can always pay more than the minimum amount required in your program for debt management, but never less. Make additional payments by logging into I’m InCharge.

How Do I Know If My Payment Was Received?

Login to I’m InCharge to check the status of your payments. You can also call customer service with questions about payments at 1-888-734-6229.

Even though I’m on a DMP, I’m still getting collection calls. How do I deal with them?

Even though you have a DMP in place, you still might get collection calls. In some cases, it may take up to three consecutive on-time payments through the plan before calls stop completely. Should a creditor call, please inform them that you are working with InCharge Debt Solutions. If they call again, notify customer service at 1-888-734-6229, and he or she will contact the creditor. It’s important not to ignore any mailings or calls from your creditors, so please keep us informed of any contact you have from your creditors or their collection agencies as soon as possible.