Spring Dollar Store Deals: Top 10 Family Activities

Looking for ways for you and family to enjoy spring without spending too much money? Look no further than your local dollar store.

The dollar store offers a wide selection of everything you need to spring into some family fun without having to spend an arm and a leg.

We compiled a list of the Top 10 Dollar Store Deals for Spring Fun:

  1. Plant a Garden –  It’s time to bust out your green thumbs. You’ll find a nice selection of: Planter Pots, Gloves, Garden Decorations, and more for $1.
  2. Draw Pictures with Sidewalk Chalk  –  Hopscotch anyone? You can usually find a 20 ct Box of Sidewalk Chalk $1.
  3. Crafts – Not warm enough where you live to plant flowers outside? Create your own spring arrangement or choose another one from the Dollar Tree’s craft ideas!
  4. Play Ball! Whether it’s Boys vs Girls or Kids vs Parents – a family softball game is always a good time! Ball and bat set $1.
  5. Fly a Kite – Choose from characters like Shrek, KungFu Panda, and more for only $1 each.
  6. Blow Bubbles  –  Most dollar stores sell bubbles in 3-packs for $1
  7. Jump Rope – Whether it’s single rope or double dutch show the kids that you’re still the champ.
  8. Foam Gliders/Airplanes  – Let the entire family’s imagination soar with a glider/airplane.
  9. Picnic In The Park – A picnic isn’t complete without ketchup & mustard. You can also pick up other picnic necessities like napkins, utensils, and even picnic baskets!
  10. Play Fetch With Your Best Friend – Don’t leave your family’s best friend out of the fun! Pick up some new balls, and tug of war rope for Rover.

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