Credit Cards

Check the signs to see if you have too much credit card debt

Do I Have Too Much Credit Card Debt?

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

Using credit or charge cards to pay for purchases is a fact of life in today’s economy. Credit cards are convenient and easy to use – so much so that,…

Credit Card

Credit Card

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

How To Manage Credit Card Debt Managing credit card debt can be difficult and complicated. Before coming up with a debt relief strategy that works for you, you should learn…

Yellow bulldozer pushing the word debt to the pit

Get Out of Debt Alternatives

By George Morris | October 29, 2015

If your monthly debt payments, excluding mortgage or rent, exceed 20% of your income, your debts are a serious problem requiring action. Here are some basic alternatives to get out…

Credit Card Convenience Checks

Just Say No To Credit Card Convenience Checks

By George Morris | October 29, 2015

Mark Boileau of Dallas recently bought a new Toyota Prius with the help of a “convenience check” issued by his credit card company. But his experience turned out to be…

Credit cards lying on top of credit card statement papers

Organize Your Credit Card Statements

By George Morris | October 29, 2015

Do you find yourself paying unnecessary late fees on your credit card bills? Do you have trouble finding your statements when you know bills are due? The solution is simple…

Credit VS Debit concept with credit on one side of line and debit on other

Debit Card vs. Credit Card: Which Is Better?

By George Morris | August 10, 2015

Many of us know we have an option to use a debit card but don’t take advantage because we lack knowledge or interest or simply are in the habit of…

illustration of house drawn on paper ripped in half with husband and wife on respective sides

Are Spouses Responsible for Credit Card Debt?

By Robert Shaw | July 1, 2015

One of the most important relationship questions couples face before they marry – How much debt do you have? — often isn’t asked, but might serve as a commitment speed…

Estate Credit Card Debt

Is the executor responsible for paying off credit card debt?

By George Morris | July 1, 2015

An executor will not be held personally responsible for paying off a deceased credit card debt or other debt. However, an executor can be held responsible for mistakes made while…

Pay Off Debt Fast

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Faster?

By George Morris | July 1, 2015

Borrowing money can be useful, allowing you to buy a home or finance a car that would otherwise be out of reach. But debt is only useful if it improves…