Credit Counseling

How to Stop Debt Collection Calls

By Tom Jackson | March 13, 2019

You can stop debt collection calls yourself. The process requires attention to detail, an ability to follow instructions precisely, and action. Or you can recruit someone, such as a professional…

Why Choose Certified Counselors

Working with a Certified Credit Counselor

By Tom Jackson | July 11, 2018

When you’re looking for financial advice, you would hope there are two things you can count on from the person on the end of the phone: They know what they…


How to Be Successful in a DMP

By Tom Jackson | April 12, 2018

So, you’ve finally taken the big step and enrolled in a debt relief program. Now what? If you’re going to succeed, you’ll have to alter the lifestyle that got you…

myths spelled out with blocks

Debt Management Myths: What You Need to Know

By Joey Johnston | March 23, 2018

Debt management plans might be the most productive and least appreciated member in the family of debt-relief solutions that includes debt consolidation loans, debt settlement and bankruptcy. DMPs, as they are…

Hand with marker writing the word Get Out of Debt

Credit Counseling vs Bankruptcy

By Joey Johnston | December 7, 2016

Bankruptcy and credit counseling both can be used to fight crippling debt and often they work together to resolve your problems. Laws demand that credit counseling precede a bankruptcy filing and before your…

How I became a credit counselor

How I Became a Credit Counselor

By George Morris | June 30, 2016

Anouska Livingston was pregnant, unemployed, in debt and stressed out. The last thing she needed was to go in a store and see what diapers cost. “How am I going…

Who is the NFCC, and what do they do

What is the NFCC: National Foundation for Credit Counseling

By George Morris | May 25, 2016

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling – NFCC – is a network of nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies established in 1951 to promote responsible financial behavior among American consumers. The…

photo of counselor reggie sconiers

Reginal Sconiers Celebrates 10 Years as a Credit Counselor

By George Morris | November 20, 2015

Reginal Sconiers hears voices every afternoon. “I’d say somewhere between 10 and 15 every day,” he said. They are the voices of concern, voices of distress, voices of anxiety driven…

InCharge Helps Teach Girls Value Of Economic Independence

By George Morris | November 20, 2015

Diane Meiller has hosted a competition for high school girls the last eight years to promote the idea that gender shouldn’t hinder leadership roles. Meiller, who runs Diane Meiller &…

Why Choose InCharge For Credit Counseling

Why Choose InCharge for Credit Counseling?

By George Morris | July 1, 2015

How To Choose The Best Non-Profit Credit Counseling Service When you’re in debt and you need help, how do you choose the best consumer credit counseling service? Here are three key features to look for:…