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Buying your first home is exciting but can be stressful. We know that it is a complicated process involving many steps and a vocabulary you may not be familiar with. Homebuyers are wise to seek the help of a nonprofit housing counseling agency, such as InCharge Debt Solutions. Housing counseling can empower consumers, alleviate stress and identify personalized solutions to financial situations. Here are some of the options available at InCharge:

Homebuyer Education Workshops

Discover how to navigate the home buying process from start to finish so you’ll be a wiser homebuyer. Homebuyer education students learn:

  • What to expect during the mortgage application process
  • How credit scores affect mortgage interest rates and fees
  • Understanding common real estate terms
  • How to avoid delinquency situation & recognize potential predatory lending practices

Plus, upon course completion, you’ll receive a Housing Workshop certificate you can show lenders, which may improve your mortgage options.

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Learn what it takes to pre-qualify for a mortgage and how much home you can afford. Working with a certified counselor, you will:

  • Learn the importance of pre-qualification and the criteria required
  • Create an action plan to guide you through the buying process
  • Review your credit, assets, and debt to determine potential home price range
  • Investigate down payment assistance programs you may qualify for

Participants will be asked to gather financial documents, including recent pay stubs, W-2, tax return, credit card and bank statements and other asset information to review during the pre-purchase counseling session

If you’re planning on buying your first home but aren’t sure you understand the buying process, help is available. Call InCharge Debt Solutions toll-free today at [vdn] to explore your options or click here for more information.

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