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Could you save money by bundling your insurance policies with one company? Many times, the answer is “Yes.” Plus, in addition to saving you anywhere from 10-20%, consolidating coverage could make your life easier. Instead of dealing with multiple insurance companies, you only have one point of contact to deal with, which can really simplify things.

Typically, you purchase homeowners and car insurance policies from the same company and get a discount. Some companies have set up packages that combine the most-common types of personal property coverage. If you have teenage children about to become drivers, you can usually save more by buying their policies from your current insurance company than if you went somewhere else.

But don’t assume that using the same company for all your insurance policies will automatically be your best financial bet. Always crunch the numbers and compare. Some companies will give you a discount for bundling policies, but have higher rates on either the home or auto policies than you could get separately elsewhere. And if you do decide to consolidate, always read the fine print on the policies. If your monthly premiums are less under a new plan, will your coverage be less? Or perhaps your deductible will be higher, which could cost you if you make a claim.

You may find after comparing the numbers that insuring your home and auto separately is actually more cost-effective, especially if you deal with small, specialized companies. A smaller insurance company may underbid regular market rates and go out of business if a natural disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake occurs. Make sure you choose reputable, well-known insurance companies who have been in business for more than a few years.

You could save money on your car insurance by bundling your policies—just make sure to do your homework and check the numbers first!

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