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InCharge Debt Solutions has teamed up with Freddie Mac to open the InCharge Debt Solutions Freddie Mac Borrower Help Network.  We provide assistance to struggling homeowners with Freddie Mac-owned mortgages to help keep them in their homes, whenever possible.

If you are behind on your monthly bills, including your mortgage, our Freddie Mac Borrower Help Network offers free, confidential financial counseling assistance through HUD-approved counselors, either in person or on the telephone.

During these free sessions, your counselor will:

  • Review your current income, living expenses, savings, and debts;
  • Help you understand your options and possible solutions to your financial challenges
  • Assess your options for avoiding foreclosure, which could include a loan modification available under the federal Making Home Affordable program or another borrower assistance program.

Does Freddie Mac own your mortgage?  Visit Freddie Mac for more information.

Call our Borrower Help Network today to set up a free appointment with a Certified Housing Counselor.

There is no obligation for you to take any action after your session.  Contact us at the above phone number.

Get Prepared

Being prepared will help your counselor better understand your financial position so he or she can assess possible options for you.  When you meet with your counselor, please bring the following documents with you:

  • Most recent pay stubs and most recent tax return.
  • Most recent bank statements.
  • Credit card bills.
  • Your monthly mortgage statement.
  • Any utility bills and car payments.
  • You should also fill out a Uniform Borrower Assistance Form, available in English or Spanish.  This form will help you organize your financial information.  Your counselor can also help you fill out this form.

Freddie Mac Resources


Visit the Freddie Mac Avoiding Foreclosure Resource Center on to find useful tips, tools, and educational resources, including information on what to expect when working with your Servicer.

Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center are located in several cities throughout the United States.  A full list can be found by visiting this link at

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