How to Save Money in Your Budget and Grow Your Income

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How to Raise Your Income

Quick Ways to Cut Your Expenses

  • Switch to cheap pay as you go phone ($50-$150 per month)
  • Cancel cable/satellite tv until you are in a better situation ($80-$250 per month)
  • Clean out storage units, if you have them
  • Learn how to use coupons

How to Grow Your Income – Quick!

  • Rent a room in your home ($500-$1,000 per month)
  • Become an Uber/Lift or Amazon Flex Driver ($100-$800 per month)
  • Become an Instacart driver ($100-$800 per month)
  • Become an AirB&B
  • Can your friends/family/kids help you out temporarily
  • Rent your garage to someone for their car/boat/storage ($50/month)
  • Sell stuff you don’t need on Facebook Marketplace or eBay/Craigslist

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In his 40-plus-year newspaper career, George Morris has written about just about everything -- Super Bowls, evangelists, World War II veterans and ordinary people with extraordinary tales. His work has received multiple honors from the Society of Professional Journalists, the Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press and the Louisiana Press Association. He avoids debt when he can and pays it off quickly when he can't, and he's only too happy to suggest how you might do the same.