Out-of-the-Box Ways To Earn Extra Cash

Does paying off your debt have you strapped for cash? Thinking out of the box can help you earn anywhere from an extra $10 to hundreds of dollars a week.

We came up with 10 out-of-the-box and legitimate ways to earn extra cash.


If you’re creative and love kids, babysitting is perfect for you. Websites like Care.com can help you get in touch with babysitting jobs in your area.

Clean Out Your Closet

Long gone are the days that you have to lug your unwanted clothes to consignment shops. Online consignment stores like PoshMark.com let you post pics and set the price you want for them.

Sell Your Skills

If you have a marketable talent—like writing, editing, Web design, or graphic design. Find freelance work on websites like upwork.com.

Focus Groups

Want to make $200 for giving your opinion? Participate in a focus group. Check out FindFocusGroups.com, and 24tru.com to get involved.

Uber Driver

Uber is quickly becoming the preferred method of transportation over traditional taxis. UberX drivers working around 40 hours a week in New York City make an average of $90,766 a year, reports The Washington Post. Drivers in San Francisco make around $74,191.

Run Errands

Errands are never fun, but what if you were being paid to run them? Join TaskRabbit.com to bid on odd jobs  depending on where you live you can make more than $40 per job

Dog Walking

Do you prefer four legs over two? Earn $20 – $50 by walking dogs in your spare time. A website like Care.com can help you find local furry friends.

Rent Your Apartment Out

Whether you spend most weekends at your boyfriend’s place, or are going on a work trip? Make a profit off your place by listing your apartment on AirBnB.com.

Host A Dog Vaca

Want a dog without having all the responsibilities of owning a dog? Host a Dog vacation! Earn extra bucks by joining Dog Vacay. The website pairs dog owners with dog lovers who are willing to babysit them for a short term. Prices start at $15 per night, but “hosts” can set their own rates. You’re also allowed to take care of up to three dogs at a time.

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