Credit Score

Stealing a credit card with a fishing hook

Credit Card Fraud

By George Morris | December 30, 2019

Credit card fraud is skyrocketing, and makes up a large part of the $1.48 billion the Federal Trade Commission reports Americans lost to scams in 2018. Recognizing the risks, protecting…

Credit Builder Loans: Do they work?

How Does a Credit Builder Loan Work?

By George Morris | December 19, 2019

*Clears Throat* Credit builder loans help build credit. Well, duh. But how does it work? Often called Fresh Start Loans or Starting Over Loans, these clever creations are ideal for…

How Multiple Credit Inquiries Hurt My Score

How Multiple Credit Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score

By Joey Johnston | December 3, 2019

Do you panic whenever a lender or landlord proposes pulling your credit report? If so, a lot of that anxiety may be overblown. Too many credit inquiries in a short…

Young man finds out his parent messed up his credit - Child Identity Protection

My Mom Stole My Identity: What to Do When a Parent Steals Your Identity

By Joey Johnston | December 2, 2019

Think most identity thieves are distant, shadowy online hackers? The truth is that your mom could steal your identity. Your dad could ruin your credit. In 2017, 1.22 million people…

Good Credit Effect Infographic

How to Increase Credit Score

By Joey Johnston | September 23, 2019

Credit Repair Alternative: Credit Report Education & Action Plan If you knew that you could improve your financial health today, would you? Credit scores are one vital component of your…

Man checking his free annual credit report

How Do You Get Your Annual Credit Report?

By Joey Johnston | July 18, 2019

Everybody makes mistakes. That goes for governments, banks and even the credit bureaus overseeing your credit reports. You can spot mistakes before they have time to erode your credit score…

Women at computer regarding her credit history

12 Ways to Establish Credit With No Credit History

By Maureen Milliken | April 26, 2018

It’s hard to imagine any consumer being invisible in the digital world of the 21st century, but there are as many as 28 million “credit invisibles” in America, according to…

Raise Your Credit Limit

How To Raise Your Credit Limit

By Joey Johnston | April 20, 2018

Getting banks or credit card companies to raise your credit limit is not nearly as difficult as consumers think. Sometimes, all you have to do is sit back and wait…

Couple in newly rented apartment

Renting with Bad Credit

By Joey Johnston | January 10, 2018

Yes, it is possible to rent an apartment with bad credit, and there are ways to boost your appeal as a renter to prospective landlords. A lot of the information…

Short sales can affect your credit score.

Does a Short Sale Affect Your Credit Score?

By Joey Johnston | December 1, 2017

Short sale or foreclosure? Short sale … or foreclosure? What should I do? That was the unhappy decision a lot of distressed home owners had to make during the Great…