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Bankruptcy Recommendation


  1. Client is unable to pay their debts via a payment plan and would like to discharge all their debt
  2. Client does not have enough income


Your information has been transmitted to a bankruptcy attorney in your area. You will receive a call within one business day from one someone on the team.

Judgment Proof Recommendation

Heartland Financial Services (HFS) was developed to serve consumers experiencing debt problems. With a focus on your particular problem as opposed to a particular kind of solution, HFS recognized from the beginning that it had to provide a variety of debt solutions. HFS has organized a nationwide network of financial service companies and attorneys who can provide different debt solutions. HFS affiliated counselors and attorneys will explain how each relevant solution would affect your particular problem. In this way, HFS places you in a position to make an informed decision about how to proceed.


  1. Client has a problem paying unsecured debt(s).
  2. Client’s main source of income is one of the following: social security, disability, pension, veteran’s benefits, worker’s compensation, public assistance, child support, alimony

Process: Your information has been transmitted to Heartland Financial Services. You will receive a call within one business day to see if the their solution is appropriate.

Tax Debt Recommendation

Tax Debt Relief You Can Trust – If you owe the IRS, you are not alone. Each year, millions of Americans find themselves facing a tax bill that they can’t afford. It can be overwhelming and stressful knowing that you are unable to pay, but tax relief is available. Working with a responsible and reputable tax debt relief company, such as Tax Defense Network, is the first step toward solving your tax debt. Our customer-focused approach ensures that you are always treated with respect throughout the process. We understand that life happens, and we are here to help. From start to finish, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Since 2007, thousands of clients have found relief through our customized tax services, and you can too!


  • Not paid their tax debt
  • Behind on their tax payments
  • Has not filed for taxes in over a year
  • Unable to pay their debt
  • Needs help in filing taxes


  • Your information has been transmitted to Tax Defense Network. You will receive a call within one business day from someone on the team.

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  • Federal Student Loan Pause: 0% Interest, Payments not required until August 31, 2022

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