Financial Help

Senior citizen on the phone asking about forgiving his credit card debt

Debt Forgiveness Options For Seniors

By Sarah Brady | April 10, 2023

Your senior years are supposed to be a time for relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your life’s labor. For many older Americans, especially those with credit card debt, the…

Young college woman shopping for groceries

SNAP for College Students

By Maureen Milliken | April 3, 2023

College is a time to worry about the next physics exam, or how you’re going to slog through “Moby-Dick,” not how you’re going to afford your next meal. Supplemental Nutrition…

Senior citizen couple with bad credit researching their loan options

Loans for Seniors with Bad Credit

By Robert Shaw | March 30, 2023

A greeting card shows a traffic cop stopping a driver who is wearing a shirt that reads, “Don’t Hassle Me! I’m Retired!” Says the officer, “Whoa. Didn’t see the shirt.…

Kids hands forming a clay heart with text on wall that says "financial help for special needs children"

Financial Help For Families With Special Needs Children

By George Morris | January 31, 2022

Estimates are that parents of disabled children need 17.8% more income a year to care for their child, and Autism Speaks estimated it can cost as much as $2.4 million…

Financial Help

By George Morris | December 6, 2021

Financial Help For Those in Need Many organizations have programs designed for those with specific needs, but it can be difficult to find information about these resources. We’re here to…

Single parent money help

Financial Help for Single Parents

By Pat McManamon | September 11, 2020

Debt Help for Single Parents “Being a single parent,” Meg Lowrey writes, “is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong.” Lowrey’s statement, which has been…

I Can't Pay My Bills

I Can’t Pay My Bills

By Maureen Milliken | May 21, 2020

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Bills There are few feelings so hopeless as looking at a stack of bills and knowing you don’t have the money to…

Financial help for Coronavirus

Resources for COVID-19 Financial Help

By Tom Jackson | March 25, 2020

Below you will find information about government programs and resources in response to the coronavirus pandemic as well as tips for when money is tight. This page will be updated…

How to Survive a Government Shutdown

By George Morris | January 22, 2019

Government shutdowns rarely involve quick and smooth resolutions. No one has ever accused the federal government of being light on its feet. While these annual stare downs over government funding…

Help paying your electric bill

I Need Help Paying My Electric Bill

By Pat McManamon | February 23, 2018

Electric Bill Debt in the U.S. Nobody worried about their electric bills before 1882. That’s when the first home in America got the electric juice flowing. It belonged to Henry…