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Car Calculator

Auto Loan Calculator: See How Much You Can Afford

By George Morris | July 1, 2015

For most consumers, buying a vehicle comes down to calculations: What’s the monthly payment? Will the car hold its value? What will it cost to insure? What are its gas-mileage…

Car Payment Calculator

What would my auto payments be?

By George Morris | July 1, 2015

Estimate monthly car payments based on different purchase prices, down payment amounts, interest rate and repayment term. This Auto Payment Estimator is a great tool to use when you go…

Vector image of man studying online finance course

Free Financial Literacy Curriculum: Habitat for Humanity Workbooks

By George Morris | June 29, 2015

This free financial literacy curriculum is designed for participants of Habitat for Humanity program participants. The series consists of seven .pdf workbooks which can be downloaded, printed and used in…