State Debt Relief

View of the bridge at Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati

Ohio Debt Relief Programs & Resources

By Tom Jackson | August 22, 2019

Ohio Debt Consolidation Information The state of Ohio’s economy came out of the Great Recession of 2008 like many midwestern states: Tired, beaten and desperate to change. A decade later?…

Lighthouse on Massachusetts coast

Massachusetts Debt Relief Programs & Resources

By Tom Jackson | May 2, 2019

Massachusetts Credit & Debt Consolidation Information Massachusetts is one of America’s wealthiest states, but living well comes with a price. The high cost of living makes it easier for people…

Birmingham, Alabama, USA downtown skyline

Alabama Debt Relief Programs & Resources

By Heather Eggers | April 24, 2019

Alabama Credit & Debt Consolidation Information If you’re an Alabama resident dealing with credit card debt, we can help. InCharge provides free credit counseling to residents in all 50 states,…

Skyline of Honolulu, Diamond Head volcano including the hotels and buildings on Waikiki Beach.

Hawaii Debt Relief Programs

By George Morris | April 12, 2019

Hawaii Credit & Debt Consolidation Information Millions of Americans dream of Hawaii, especially during frigid winter months when thoughts turn to balmy breezes, spectacular surf and a laid-back subtropical lifestyle.…

Connecticut Debt Relief Programs

By Tom Jackson | April 11, 2019

Connecticut Credit & Debt Consolidation Information With apologies to Charles Dickens, today’s Connecticut is the best of places. Today’s Connecticut is the worst of places. If you’re among those who…

View of Chicago skyline


By George Morris | December 11, 2018

The Illinois’ economy was hit harder than many other states by the COVID-19 pandemic because of the preexisting conditions. Illinois’ weak economic foundation and fiscal mismanagement were already rampant in…

Debt Information for the United States

Debt Statistics By State

By George Morris | July 11, 2016

If you want to avoid debt, don’t be like Mike. He lives in Jackson, Miss., dropped out of high school and hates the mere thought of marriage. You also don’t…

Florida Debt Statistics Infographic


By George Morris | June 29, 2016

While Floridians have done a somewhat admirable job of keeping their debt levels in check despite some tough economic times, there are some particularly troubling numbers coming out of the…

State of New York 2015 Debt Statistics

New York

By George Morris | June 29, 2016

Frank Sinatra sang that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. He’s right, though increasingly you have to make it with the help of…

Texas Debt Statistics - 2015


By Pat McManamon | June 23, 2016

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the amount of debt Texans rack up. Texans owe the second-most in the nation on their auto loans and the eighth-most on…