Photo of Flores Island, Azores with cobblestone short wall path and green open field with town in view

Lajes Field, Azores: Facilities, Cost Of Living, Housing, Employment

By George Morris | August 10, 2015

Much of America was introduced to Lajes Field, the Azores, as the site of the March summit meeting where President Bush and the leaders of Great Britain, Spain and Portugal…

Job interviewer shaking hands with potential employee

Keys To A Successful Job Interview

By George Morris | August 10, 2015

Military spouses applying for jobs are faced with tough questions. But with a little preparation, you can be ready for whatever an interviewer is likely to throw at you. There…

Military Security Clearance Card Not Allowed

Debt and Your Military Security Clearance

By George Morris | August 10, 2015

Members of the military dealing with credit card debt face an extra level of penalties if that debt becomes delinquent or excessive: They could lose their security clearance, be denied promotions and,…

Sunset at Camp Pendleton beach

Camp Pendleton: Fast Facts, Climate, Cost Of Living, Schools, Housing, Employment, Recreation

By George Morris | August 10, 2015

Budget Vacation Destination The sun sets into a haze of orange and pink as a few scattered surfers try to catch the last waves of the evening. Joggers and couples…

3D illustration of a conceptual gauge with needle pointing to very bad credit score

Bad Credit & Unemployment: A Vicious Circle

By George Morris | August 5, 2015

By Michelle Singletary Job applicants have to painstakingly pore over their resumes and cover letters because studies show that hiring managers have little tolerance for any mistakes. And now, there’s…

Teen Driver in a Car with Keys

Adding a Teen to Your Auto Insurance Policy

By George Morris | August 5, 2015

If you have a teen who is learning to drive, start preparing your budget for a car insurance rate increase: Adding a teen driver to a parent’s policy typically increases…

Military Life

By George Morris | August 5, 2015

Service members and veterans face unique challenges related to personal finance. Find articles and information below to help you manage money and navigate your Military Life. myPay: W-2s Now Available…

Military Money

By George Morris | August 5, 2015

Military Debt Consolidation and Other Debt Relief Programs Learn how InCharge makes military debt relief a top priority, and discover other programs that can help you get out of debt…

Small military figure on American flag lifting up coin

Military Debt Help for Military Service Members and Families

By George Morris | July 1, 2015

InCharge Debt Solutions recognizes that service members from all branches of the US military face the same financial challenges confronting many Americans, greatly compounded by the nature of military service…