Financial Literacy

Danger sign that warns of high risk loans

High-Risk Loans

By Michael Knisley | February 10, 2022

One question – maybe the first question – to answer before taking out a personal loan, is whether the math adds up in your favor. Personal loans can be a…

Sign for a pawn shop

What a Pawn Shop Is & How They Work

By Michael Knisley | February 9, 2022

There’s more than meets the eye in a pawn shop … unless you’re a regular viewer of the reality series “Pawn Stars,” in which case you’ve already seen what’s behind…

Car title loan written on keychain

Title Loans

By George Morris | February 8, 2022

Whoever said desperate times call for desperate measures could have been on their way to apply for a title loan. Few situations are desperate enough for title loans to make…

Cashing a check at a bank

What Is Check Cashing?

By George Morris | February 4, 2022

Check-cashing services allow people without bank accounts to cash checks. A fee is charged, sometimes just $1, sometimes more than $100, so that people who need cash, get it. The…

Financial Education

Financial Literacy Education Statistics from FINRA’s NFCS

By George Morris | August 18, 2016

A national study showed a growing disconnect between the self-perceptions American consumers have of their finances and the real-world actions they take in day-to-day financial matters. The 2015 National Financial…

Financial Data on a tablet

Financial Data

By George Morris | August 18, 2016

At InCharge, we rely on financial literacy data to inform and improve on our processes, educational materials and grant programs. Please find below links to recent surveys and studies by leaders in…

Piggy Bank Savings Retirement Emergencies

How Much Are Americans Saving for College, Retirement and Emergencies?

By George Morris | August 9, 2016

Economic experts have worried about the willingness of American consumers to plan adequately for their financial future and a national survey indicates the concern is justified. Data On Financial Planning:…

Family Loans and Inheritance

Should We Deduct Our Daughter’s Loan From Her Inheritance?

By George Morris | November 9, 2015

Loaning money to your children, or giving them money, while you are alive is a way to help them buy a home, pay for college or get out of debt.…

Financial Literacy Header Featured

Financial Literacy

By George Morris | October 29, 2015

Budgeting & Saving A good budget and savings commitment are the foundation of your financial plan. Learn how to budget, cut expenses, set savings goals and more. Challenge yourself to…

Social Security cards on top of stack of 100 dollar bills

What Do Social Security Taxes Pay For?

By George Morris | August 19, 2015

Many people wonder where their Social Security tax dollars go. Generally, for of every dollar you pay in Social Security taxes: 85 cents goes to a trust fund that pays…