Student woman holding up the words student loan with both hands

Help For Student Loan Debt

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

I graduated from college four years ago. I was current on my student loan payments for three years, but last year I lost my job and have been unable to…

Student loans written on paper being erased by pencil

Guide To Student Loans

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

Don’t Let This Happen to You: “By all accounts, I should be living well right now. However, due to my personal loans, I pay more to the loan company than…

Graduation cap sitting on top of pile of money and coins

Start Your Student Loan Search Now

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

If you’ve got a high school senior, your household is probably knee-deep in senior-year activities – and expenses. Not to elevate your stress level, but this is probably a good…

College Affordable Money Stacked Coins

How To Make College More Affordable

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

With the cost of higher education skyrocketing, students across the country are struggling to find ways to make college life more affordable. Here are four tips to help you save…

Group of 4 students grouped in library around laptop and textbooks

Credit 101 For Your College Freshman

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

If you’ve got teenagers heading off to college soon, I hope you’ve done a good job educating them about the importance of personal financial responsibility and how to build a…

What to do if you co-sign your children's student loan

I co-signed on my daughter’s student loans. What are my options?

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

Dear Liz: I co-signed some private student loans for my youngest child. She graduated two years ago with about $80,000 in student debt, including federal and private loans. Like many…