Filling out a petition for bankruptcy online

Online Bankruptcy

By George Morris | July 8, 2019

If bankruptcy is in your future, there are tools online to help you find your way through the maze. However, it is important to note that while the forms can…

Petition for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy paperwork

Getting Reorganized: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

By Joey Johnston | November 28, 2018

Chapter 11 bankruptcy does for businesses what Chapter 13 does for individuals in terms of buying time to reorganize in hopes the business can turn things around and pay off…

Two people shaking hands over pile of coins

Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy

By Robert Shaw | September 11, 2018

Debt settlement vs. bankruptcy might seem like the definition of a financial dilemma — the choice between a punch in the gut or a sharp stick in the eye. But…

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Form

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By Tom Jackson | January 2, 2018

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 allows debtors to repay all, or a significant portion, of their debts in 3-5 years under a court-ordered plan. The most common debts discharged…

Serious professional female advisor consulting client at meeting

Pre-file Credit Counseling

By Joey Johnston | December 15, 2016

Take our pre-file credit counseling course to receive a certificate of completion in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Start Pre-file Course Now About Pre-File Credit Counseling Bankruptcy is a legal…

When Is A Good Time To File For Bankruptcy?

By George Morris | November 20, 2015

The decision on whether to file for bankruptcy is as much about time as money. Specifically, how much time will it take to pay off unsecured debts? If the answer…