Homeownership Guide

Home Ownership Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Home

By George Morris | April 20, 2020

Buying a home is the biggest financial decision many people make. As with any major decision, a key question to answer before proceeding: Why? Perhaps your why is a larger…

Realtor Showing Young Couple Around Property For Sale

Who’s Involved in the Buying and Selling of a Home?

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

When you’re ready to make the move to homeownership, you’ll work with several business professionals. It’s important to understand what they do because they’re interests can differ from your own.…

How Much Can You Afford

How Much Home Can You Afford?

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

You should know what you can afford before beginning your search for a home. This enables you to focus on realistic choices and saves you time and effort. This section…

Late Mortgage Payment

What Happens If I Pay My Mortgage Late?

By Maureen Milliken | July 29, 2015

If you’re having trouble and can’t pay your mortgage, contact your lender at once. InCharge Debt Solutions and a variety of government-sponsored programs are available to assist you in keeping…

Couple shaking hands with businesswoman making deal

What Kind of Help Is Available for a New Homebuyer?

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

Is your financial house in order? Savings, steady employment, good credit—and possibly some outside help—can make it possible for you to turn your dream of homeownership into a reality sooner…

Woman reading credit report paper and online

Reviewing Your Credit Report

By George Morris | July 29, 2015

What do your creditors have to say about the way you handle money? Having a good credit score can help you turn your home-buying dream into a reality. There’s much…

Homeowner cleaning his homes gutters on ladder

Responsibilities of a New Homeowner

By George Morris | July 27, 2015

Now that you own it, upkeep and maintenance of your home are your responsibility. What does it take to keep your home comfortable, tidy and safe, while also protecting your…

Home in background with sold sign in front

Home Loan Closing: How to Prepare

By George Morris | July 22, 2015

You’ve waited and worked so hard and the big day is here at last. You’ll sign lots of papers, hand over lots of money, and finally get the keys to…

Resource Links

By George Morris | July 22, 2015

This list of Links contains website addresses for organizations that offer advice and assistance on various aspects of finding, buying, and maintaining a home. House Hunting Credit…

Glossary of Terms

By George Morris | July 22, 2015

This glossary contains terms you should know to make your home buying experience easier. We’d like to thank the Mortgage Bankers Association for their valuable assistance in providing the definitions…