Budgeting Piggy Bank Saving

American Budgeting and Saving Behavior

By George Morris | August 4, 2016

Nearly half of all American consumers can easily cover their day-to-day expenses, while the satisfaction with their personal finances has nearly doubled in the past six years. Although that signals…

Out-of-the-Box Ways To Earn Extra Cash

By George Morris | November 20, 2015

Does paying off your debt have you strapped for cash? Thinking out of the box can help you earn anywhere from an extra $10 to hundreds of dollars a week. We…

Money Saving Tip: Choose the Right Bank

Money Saving Tip: Choose A Bank With No Overdraft Fees

By George Morris | November 20, 2015

Money Saving Tip: Choosing the right bank can be an easy and painless way to save some extra cash. Whether you want to get out of debt or you just…

Pay off Debt for Retirement

Should we pay off debt or save for retirement?

By George Morris | November 5, 2015

Dear Liz: I have read tons of books on finance and debt repayment, but I’m having trouble deciding what to do next. My husband and I are 52. He receives a…

Happy expressive piggy bank on wooden plank

Five Tips for Kids on Piggy Bank Basics

By George Morris | November 3, 2015

The first opportunity to learn good money management skills is from a parent but it is hard with the increased holiday marketing. A child is never too young to learn…

Free Savings Account On Internet Tablet

Opening a Free Savings Account With No Minimum Balance

By Joey Johnston | August 5, 2015

A common question among young people just getting started with “adulting,” or others trying to battle their way back from tough times financially is this: Can I actually open a…

Extra Payment Calculator

Extra Payment Calculator

By George Morris | July 2, 2015

Ever wonder how much faster you can pay off a credit card by applying an extra $5, $10 or more to the monthly payment? This extra payment calculator will help…

Social Security Calculator

Social Security Retirement Income Calculator

By George Morris | June 30, 2015
Jar Filled With Money For Saving And Investing

Saving and Investing for Life

By George Morris | June 30, 2015

Saving and investing for retirement is a long-term goal of just about every working person in America. And unless you win the lottery, creating a comfortable retirement doesn’t happen by…

Man holding full piggy bank

Making Saving Automatic

By George Morris | June 30, 2015

We all know that we should save, but more than half the population never does. Here are some tips to automate your savings. Enroll In Your Employer’s 401K Plan Enrolling in…