Free Online Financial Literacy Courses

We’re proud to offer free online financial literacy courses. Learn how to boost your savings, improve your credit and conquer your debt, without spending more than a lunch hour on each. Each course is based on research in behavioral economics and designed to help you make real, sustainable changes to move closer to your financial dreams.

Debt Freedom Path

Navigating Debt

This course is designed to help you get control of your debt and make serious progress toward paying it down or off.

Saving Success

Savings Success

Get Your Savings On! Learn how to set savings goals you can achieve. Ditch paycheck-to-paycheck living this year.

Credit Voyage

Credit Voyage

The goal of this course is to inspire you to take action today to improve your credit score and your quality of life. 

Inflation Proof Budget

Inflation-Proof Budgeting

Step-by-step course on how to create and track a successful monthly budget.