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Budgeting Spending Plan

The Power of Budgeting: Why Setting A Monthly Spending Plan Is Key

One of the key factors in gaining control of your financial life is developing and sticking to a budget. Why? By knowing exactly how much money you need each month to pay your bills, you'll be able to identify where you may be spending too much. You'll also be able to better distribute the remaining amount on paying down debt, saving up for future needs, and other purchases - like recreational items and vacations. After all, it's your money - shouldn't you know where it's going every month?

Here's what establishing a monthly budget and spending plan can do for you:

  • Reveal your financial condition by comparing income to expenses
  • Help you avoid overspending and show where you can save
  • Break down your expenses into categories to help you better understand your spending
  • Help establish financial control and direction
  • Help you save for emergencies and anticipated financial responsibilities
  • Help you achieve your goals

It can also reveal possible financial problems, such as:

  • Too much debt - having more debt than you can pay off in one year
  • Lack of cash - using credit for small daily purchases
  • Emergencies - lacking cash to cover emergencies
  • Minimum payments - lacking cash to pay back money owed in a timely manner
  • Cash advances - using credit cards to pay other debts
  • Skipping payments - paying late or skipping payments
  • Borrowing from friends and relatives - depending on loans to pay bills

Remember, budgeting doesn't have to be intimidating. Keep it simple. Try keeping a budget workbook, or use financial calculators. Or call an InCharge certified counselor at 1-800-565-8953 and work one-on-one to create a budget. We're just a toll-free phone call away.