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Personal Finance Concepts

The stuff they should have taught you in school.

Often, the difference between paying more for everything from purchases charged on a credit card to car and homeowner's insurance is personal finance knowledge.

Knowing how to maximize your credit score, clean up your credit history, cut your expenses and pay down your debts will save you thousands of dollars. Just like any other problem in life, the key to resolving a financial mess is to study it, form a game plan, and act. We hope this library of personal finance resources and tools will help you get started toward a future free from financial stress.

Budgeting Tools

Budget Worksheet (PDF)
Interactive Budget Worksheet (Excel)

Credit and Debt Help

Optimized-Debt Relief

Debt Relief

Gathering all the personal finance knowledge you can and knowing your options are the best ways to make informed decisions about how to get effective relief from credit card debt.

Credit Score Chart With Magnifying Glass

Credit Reports & Scores

What's your number? Find out how to check you credit report (for free), improve it and save big with a higher score.

Optimized-Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Hearing

Understanding Bankruptcy

From early warning signs to debt discharge, learn about the eligibility, the bankruptcy process,  and the difference between Chapter 7 and 13.

Man Filing His Taxes Using Calculator

Debt Consolidation Calculators

You set the goals and these financial calculators do all the work. From auto loans to home mortgages to credit card payoff, our calculators crunch the numbers.

Useful Personal Finance Tools, Tips & Games

Optimized-Budget Of Monthly Expenses

Budgeting for Novices

The personal budget is the cornerstone of any financial game plan. In this section, we'll help you put one together.

Family Purchasing A Home

Home and Mortgage Calculators

Use our interactive calculators to find out how much home you can afford, what your monthly payment will be, to compare loans, and much more.

Save Money Sign

How to Save Money

Learn the art and science of frugality with this library of easy-to-implement money saving tips.


Video Games

Learn key concepts in personal finance playing football, soccer and role playing games. Fun for all ages.

Personal Finance Help for You No Matter Where You Are in Life

Optimized-Senior Couple Embracing

Retirement Calculators

Find out how much you will need to save for retirement with these interactive financial calculators.

Young Couple With Credit Report

Young and in Debt

With more and more young people facing high credit card and student loan debt, we've put together this resource to help.

Optimized-Family With Counselor

Family Finances

From budgeting for baby to saving for college, families face many financial challenges, including dealing with debt.

Optimized-Last Will And Testament

Difficult Transitions

When dealing with the loss of a loved one or a divorce, it's hard enough just getting through the day, let alone dealing with financial problems. The articles in this section offer hopeful tips and advice.

Senior Couple With A Financial Advisor

Debt Help for Baby Boomers and Seniors

Struggling with debt as you head toward retirement? Worried you may never be able to retire? This page provides articles with debt help and money saving advice for people aged 60+.

Big Purchases and How to Pay for Them

Optimized-High School Class

Financing a College Education

College is a big investment in your future and one that can provide significant return on investment, if you borrow smart and study efficiently (that means not changing your major 5 times).

Optimized-Toy Car On Top Of Paper Currency

Auto Calculators

Know what you can afford to pay before you walk into a car dealership with these financial calculators.

Woman With Financial Paperwork Getting Out Of Car

Buying a Car

This article library will help you become a more savvy buyer of automobiles.

Buying A Home

Home Ownership

Turn your dream of home ownership into a reality without risking your financial future.

Resources for Teachers


Lesson Plans

Check out our curriculum library for Pre-K, K-12 and college teachers and professors.

Links to More Debt Relief Help and Financial Education

Optimized-Toy House With Help In Blocks

Helpful Links

No matter what your personal finance situation, help is out there. These government and nonprofit organizations can help you meet life's challenging times.